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Why try Acomplia?

acompliaOver the years, phentermine has kept going as the "old faithful" while other weight loss drugs have come on to the market and then disappeared again. The one drug that has offered serious competition has been acomplia. Unlike phentermine which is one of the amphetamine group, acomplia works in a completely different way, directly targeting the body's cannabinoid system.

The cannabinoids are part of the body's reward system. If you eat, drink or smoke something you like, you get a feeling of pleasure. Indeed, this is partly the reason why some of the things you consume are addictive.

Acomplia dampens down the rewards so it not only helps you to resist eating more of the food that you like, but it also helps people quit smoking. In every sense of the word, it suppresses your appetite(s).

Some foods loaded with unhealthy fats are moreish. Once you start eating, you want more. When you want to eat less of these foods, acomplia is the answer because it stops you from feeling any real pleasure in whatever it is you are eating or drinking.

So, if you are finding it difficult to keep your motivation up while dieting, acomplia is the way of breaking through the hunger pangs and eating less.

Is there a price to pay?

As with any drug there are downsides. In this case, it's less enjoyable to eat. Food you looked forward to eating is no longer so exciting. But that helps you lose weight so it's a price worth paying.

The clinical trials have consistently shown that people using acomplia in combination with a calorie-reduced diet and exercise lose an average of 10% of their body weight. More importantly, the lost pounds do not return quickly should you stop the diet. Most people still had reduced weight after twelve months.

Overall, acomplia has been proved a highly effective way of both losing pounds and quitting smoking. However you look at it, this represents a drug with the capacity to significantly improve your health.

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