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Phentermine HCL - efficient weight-reduction with a pill - Apr 21, 2010

In politics you have politicians trying to sell the free lunch. With phentermine hcl, you have the FDA confirming a world class drug.

April has been an interesting month. The world of politics has entered a new phase after the healthcare reform bill was signed into law. Now, in the discussion of whether the GOP should be a party of "yes" or "no", we have Sarah Palin proposing the GOP should be the party of "Hell no!" More

Bariatric surgery unsafe - Phentermine safe! - Mar 10, 2010

As more people have surgery for weight loss, what is the evidence of safety and effectiveness? Might it be more effective and safer to use phentermine?

By some standards, there is a disturbing social trend where people choose the easy way to achieve the desired results. At one end of the spectrum are the people who, when they disagree with the tax authorities, crash their light airplanes into the tax offices - there is no quicker and easier way to register your unhappiness. More

No phentermine for weight loss during pregnancy - Feb 22, 2010

The British are holding consultation about the guidance to be given to women during pregnancy and after giving birth. Weight loss by natural means rather than use of a drug like phentermine is recommended

According to Sarah Palin, the European healthcare service operates like the Canadian cull of seals. On a regular basis, men armed with clubs go out among the unhealthy and older members of society, and put down those who no longer contribute to the strength of the group. More

Weight loss including phentermine is worth billions - Feb 22, 2010

There are thousands of companies and tens of thousands of weight loss products, and then you have phentermine hcl. How honest is the industry?

Wherever you look, you are guaranteed sight of an ad for a weight loss product or service. It can be a careful pitch from a local aerobics class or an over-the-top claim for a "natural" product that you can eat as much as you like and still lose weight. More

Raising the price of eating - Jan 20, 2010

The article picks up on the increasingly loud demands for taxes on sweetened drinks and junk food - using price to modify behavior. Until then, use phentermine to reduce your weight.

Sometimes, itís good to talk to economists. Although most of them failed to predict the recession, they are still able to tell us interesting things about the way we behave. One of these interesting ideas comes under the heading of elasticity of demand. More

Yet another weight-loss reality TV show - DEC 10, 2009

The article notes the call for contestants in a new extreme game show to lose weight. Only those who want to lose at least 150 pounds need apply. For everyone else, thereís always phentermine.

It seems the imagination of the folk who work for TV corporations is limited to the same basic formula. Reality shows are big business. More

Yoghurt drinks and weight loss - NOV 25, 2009

The article picks up on the stories suggesting probiotic yoghurt drinks will help you lose weight. This deliberately misrepresents the science to sell the drinks.

There has been an interesting shift in newspaper journalism. In the good old days, it used to be all about the news. Now the stories are encased in bubble wrap so nothing can cause offense. More

Unemployment and weight - NOV 16, 2009

The article accepts the risk unemployed people will become inactive and depressed. The result? Weight gain. But unemployment is actually the perfect chance to lose some weight.

Letís start with the downside. You picked up the dreaded pink slip. This did not do wonders for your self-esteem. You then looked around the job market and found precisely no jobs. It seems every employer has given up the idea of expansion. More

Why are we so fat? - NOV 2, 2009

The article discusses why Americans have suddenly put on more weight and advises the use of phentermine alongside a diet to lose those unwanted pounds.

Put boldly like this as the title to the article, this is close to being politically incorrect. We are not supposed to talk about people who are overweight. More

Do your genes affect your weight? - Oct 23, 2009

The article explains there's no scientific evidence to support the idea that peopleís genes dictate their body shape. Anyone can lose weight if they diet and exercise.

As people have become more aware of genetics, a number of myths have been born. The most common is that the genes you inherit from your parents fix your body type and, no matter what you do, you cannot change it. This makes genetics a very convenient excuse when people are looking to explain why their latest diet is a failure. Why? More

The old ways are the only game in town - Oct 6, 2009

The article notes the failure of yet another medical device to promote weight loss in a clinical trial. This leaves fifty-year old technology in the form of phentermine as the only effective weight loss treatment.

This October saw yet another medical device fail in a high-profile clinical trial. Alongside the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers have been designing devices to help people lose weight. Why? More

Let your weight loss process begin - Sep 23, 2009

Weight loss is a serious and hard task that requires strong will to make it really effective. Learn how to make the first step and start losing weight exactly as you want with this article.

U.S.A is very familiar with the problem of weight gain. Every fourth person in the country suffers from obesity. Appetite suppressants seem to be the only solution for those that canít control their appetite or have a food disorder. If you desperate to lose weight and you donít want to harm the rest of the body you should know to have a healthy diet and do exercises every single day. More

Are appetite suppressants your friends or enemies? - Sep 15, 2009

Appetite suppressants are a very popular way for losing weight these days and there are many drugs using this mechanism of action. But are they safe or dangerous for the body?

It is hard to give up on good food. And if you think about it - you should not really give up on it. It is wrong to keep yourself away from the things you like unless they harm you and your health. Since the beginning of the 20th century many obesity sufferers have known the other, more pleasant side of the story with food. More

Weight loss problems start in the brain - Sep 01, 2009

Weight loss is a rather complicated subject that many people think about these days. Learn how to make weight loss less of a problem and avoid psychological complications associated with it.

Obesity is a widely-popular problem that unites people from different nations and different countries. Over the past decades we have read many articles about this disease and the ways of losing weight without having any further trouble but most of it seemed to be useless as the obesity problem still exists in the world of today. More

Unusual weight loss tips that actually work - Aug 20, 2009

Weight loss is definitely a complicated topic to discuss and take upon. But there are some unusual tips that can help you reach your weight loss goals a lot easier and in much more effective way.

We all have seen numerous weight loss tips that could be all boiled down to some simple rules like eat less, exercise more and so on. Wrapped into different packages but having the same essence these tips sure sound very reasonable and promising, but bore the hell out of any thinking person by their simplicity and impossibility to follow. Easier said than done, especially when you feel the drive to eat back the pounds you've lost with all that routine. More

Losing weight without exercises - Jun 3, 2009

Many of us are trying to find ways of losing excessive weight fast and without much efforts. This article provides some helpful tips on how to lose weight without exhausting yourself with exercises.

Sometimes people start out over big amounts of weight before setting out losing it. This article's intention is to tell people about the different ways in which they can lose excessive weight. Because all of those, struggling with exorbitant weight, want their lives normal back and are annoyed with staring at their reflection in the mirror and not seeing what they want to see. Essentially burning away fat is very easy. There are a lot of living proofs. More

Three efficient exercises for losing stomach fat - May 14, 2009

Stomach fat is probably the biggest concern to most people, especially men. So here are three easy to perform exercises that are proven to be very effective in burning fat in the stomach area.

Oh, that stomach fat. It looks like most of us were presented with fairly abundant portions of fat tending to collect around our midriffs, as if it was offering a safety cushion from cold weather. And it is no surprise at all that more and more people find themselves growing horizontally, specifically around the stomach area - fast food became the standard for most of us. More


How to get rid of stomach fat fast? - Apr 28, 2009

If you are troubled by the excessive fat amounts in your stomach area you have probably thought of ways to eliminate it effectively. Here are some useful tips on how to get in shape fast.

The comes a time that is known by different names like reserve tire, gut, pot belly, or any other way people call - it will simply mean the unpleasant grown area in the stomach, the surplus fold of fat that is always tried to be lost when people turn to look as if they would have thrust a bunch of donuts under their t-shirt. More


Three factors preventing you from fat loss - Apr 13, 2009

Loosing excessive weight and fat is a very good choice for your health but sometimes it doesn't go as easy as you want to. Here are some reasons you don't get that effectiveness in losing weight you need.

This is an article for those who are having a struggle losing weight. If you are following diet rules but you cannot seem to get any thinner or if your scale is making you mad day by day showing you some crazy numbers you don't want to see - consider one more fact - you might me eating more calories than you are burning. There are three rules to follow in order to lose some weight and become the body you want to be. More


Weight loss and fat loss are not the same - Apr 9, 2009

Some people tend to confuse weight loss with fat loss taking that this is the same notion. However they are not the same and when you're reducing your weight you can actually keep the fat.

A lot of people confuse weight loss with fat loss. Frankly speaking it is a huge mistake as two of those hardly have anything in common. You can lose weight and still keep the fat. But it should not be the primal concern of yours as it is always wise to stay healthy instead of chasing the idea of losing a few extra kilos. More


Weight loss tips for women over 40 - Mar 16, 2009

Women who are in their forties often become very sensitive to their weight and shape. Here are some tips for the ladies on how to stay fit and get the body you have always dreamed of.

Whoever said that men lose weight with fewer complications was right. It happens to be true. Men are less caring about weight loss programs. Actually there are women who consider themselves to be thin reaching the age of 35 and even when they weight the same amount of pounds at 40 their attitude towards their weight might be totally different. It could be funny if it wasn’t so. In reality they could be right as they may basically be fatter than they used to be five years ago. More


Molecules regulate appetite - Oct 27, 2006

In mammals special molecules send messages of "fullness" to the brain.

HONG KONG - A discovery, that opens new ways to treat obesity in humans, has been made by a group of scientists in Japan. They have discerned the molecule considered to be responsible for the feeling of "fullness" in mammals. More


Losing Weight Safely - Dec 1, 2006

If You're Obese, Grow Lean to Improve Your Health. Obese individuals are exposed to heart disease, high blood pressure, and some other diseases. Burning weight diminishes the risk. This booklet tells you how to slim down harmlessly.

Consult Your Physician About Sensible Goals.A doctor can help you determine reasonable goals depending on a target weight for your stature, frame and age. More


Eating out & Bingeing - Nov 15, 2006

According to the latest information from Reuters Health, New York, women taking their meal not at home tend to lose control and overeat. The latest researches have revealed the fact that ladies who frequently dine out often overindulge, regardless of their usual eating habits. The scientists emphasize that restaurants may be a high-risk challenge especially for dieters and binge-eaters, since one-third of all binging "episodes" occur in the restaurants. More


Do diet pills work? Are they safe for health? - Sep 29, 2006

Dr. Ankhur Sharma: Scholars are studying factors that determine how often we feel hunger and satiety and how fast we expend calories. Weight-loss medications that require prescription - including Phentermine (Adipex-P is its brand name), Orlistat (Xenical) and Sibutramine (Meridia), - can influence some of these factors for a while. Another medication, Acomplia, which blocks an appetite receptor in the hypothalamus, is going to be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration soon. Xenical drugs may be available without prescription later this year. The National Institute of Health advises weight-loss drugs only to those patients whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than 27, and to those who suffer weight-related problems such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure. These medications should be taken in conjunction with the changes in lifestyle, and they may have severe side effects, so consult your physician. Patients who are being treated with appetite suppressant medications are supposed to revise the kind and amount of food they intake, make regular and intensive exercises, consult with support groups and monitor their body mass.


Are the food products, claimed to be low carb, healthier? - Oct 19, 2006

Donald Hensrud: Legally the term "low carb" is not defined. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), responsible for claims on food labels in the United States, has no definition of low carb products.

In fact, low carb, as well as similar claims "carb fit" or "carb wise", are marketing terms. They've been created by manufacturers to sell food products. Customers believe low carb foods to be healthier, but it is not always so. Low carb cookies and cakes have high fatness and calories indexes, and the low carb label doesn't make them healthier. For instance, one low-carb nutrition bar can have up to 240 calories, 6 grams saturated fat and 12 grams of total fat. More



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