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Three efficient exercises for losing stomach fat

May 14, 2009

Oh, that stomach fat. It looks like most of us were presented with fairly abundant portions of fat tending to collect around our midriffs, as if it was offering a safety cushion from cold weather. And it is no surprise at all that more and more people find themselves growing horizontally, specifically around the stomach area - fast food became the standard for most of us.

You might practice a lot of exercises to lose stomach fat, but you have to consolidate a fair amount of muscle and cardio exercises to help rid yourself of fat in all areas of your body and also work the stomach muscles. The excess weight loss might help you obtain the result of your exercises sooner and as well get faster that six pack abs. Your body's metabolism is also increased by exercises, which allows you losing fat even when you are asleep.

Here are a couple of easy-to-do exercises for losing stomach fat that you may include to your cardio regimen.


This is likely the most favored type of abdominals exercise for losing stomach fat. You should lay on your back on a steadfast surface and bend your knees. Lift your shoulders above the floor, and move your ribs towards the hips. Continue doing this until you feel a burning sensation in your stomach muscles. That means your muscles are working.

Vertical leg crunch

This is a crunch variety. Put your hands out over your head, lying on your back. Lift your legs simultaneously, bend your knees and cross the ankles. Squeeze your belly muscles and raise your shoulders, upper back and head to an angle at 30 degrees. Keep this posture for 5-10 seconds and accurately release.

Reverse Curl

Lie on the back, restrict your abdominal muscles and flex your knees to your chest, making sure that your hips didn't get above the floor.

The encouragement about belly fat is that it is just that fat. You're able to lose it with the appropriate exercise amount if you are truly unflinching to lose the stomach fat. You also may start taking Phentermine HCL in addition. Begin with these exercises and lose that stomach fat faster than you could have thought.

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