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Unusual weight loss tips that actually work

Aug 20, 2009

We all have seen numerous weight loss tips that could be all boiled down to some simple rules like eat less, exercise more and so on. Wrapped into different packages but having the same essence these tips sure sound very reasonable and promising, but bore the hell out of any thinking person by their simplicity and impossibility to follow. Easier said than done, especially when you feel the drive to eat back the pounds you've lost with all that routine.

If you take a closer look at the psychological aspects of weight loss you will see that it's quote complicated and the reasons for gaining weight are so varied and numerous that it would be much easier to just surrender and remain the same overweight inactive person that you probably feel like. Knowing how to deal with such weigh loss road blocks is essential because they can be harder to deal with than the actual eat less/work out more routine. And here are some tips that address namely such stops, and maybe they may sound quite unconventional but when following them you will actually feel that weight loss can be a lot easier than you've imagined.

1) Do not leave your house for binge food.

When you try to eat less you typically leave less food inside your house so that there won't be a temptation for eating more than you should, right? No? Well, you should follow that rule very strictly. But even if you do follow it, there will be moments of temptation to leave your house and go buy something for a snack. Just an innocent snack or a chocolate bar, not more. Well, the very moment you think of it – grab on to this awareness and don't leave your home. It's better to put your house keys somewhere where you will be able to see yourself or feel your current weight – this will be a great discouragement for you to have a snack.

2) Stop snacking if you're already doing it

We all love snacking, don't we? And we all realize how it's devastating for that “eat less” part of the weight loss formula. But it seems just like being unreal to avoid snacking when you have the opportunity. Well, it's not a crime. But at some point when you're a good half way into that bag of tasty cookies you have a flash in your mind saying “wait, what am I doing?” Now as soon as you get something like that in your mind, you should hold to that thought like a saving circle in the ocean and push it harder and further. It's your only chance of escaping the binge food consumption state of mind and being able to receive signals like that and following them is a good chance that you will get through. Just don' forget that you have to actually stop eating when you get something like that. Or you can use a drug like Phentermine to cope with that drive.

4) Observe how much you eat

Psychological studies have shown that people are less prone to eat more when they actually realize how much they eat. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to leave all your food left-over at the table during the day. But eating from smaller plates and dishes really helps control your portions and eat as much as you really need, not more. Bigger plates make it easier for you to put more food in them and this means that you will still tend to eat more than you should. And you don't need to buy Phentermine to do that.




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