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Credit for Self Employed Comparison

Anyone who wants to take out a loan as a self-employed person or freelancer quickly realizes that this is associated with some difficulties. Even with good sales, many banks struggle to legend. In some cases, no loans are granted to the self-employed or high interest rates are charged accordingly. However, some banks are now ready to grant a loan to the self-employed.

Loan for self-employed in comparison

Loan for self-employed in comparison

The credit offer deserves special mention. Because here no distinction is made between lending to the self-employed, freelancers or employees. The same conditions are offered for all borrowers. All that matters is an adequate credit rating. A copy of the last income tax assessment notice is required as proof of credit for the self-employed compared to employees. The loan is offered for amounts between 1,000 and 35,000 dollars. The borrower can choose between a term of 12 to 84 months. The effective annual interest rate is based on the required loan amount and the chosen term. In addition, the credit rating also has an impact on the amount of interest.

Personal loans with us

Personal loans with us

We have a platform where borrowers can receive money from private lenders. This has the advantage that processing is less bureaucratic than, for example, a bank. This also makes it easier for self-employed people to get a loan compared to a bank. The private loan is possible for amounts up to 50,000 dollars, with a term of either 36 or 60 months.

However, the borrower has the option of repaying the loan earlier at any time and without additional costs. If you need a loan, you can simply register and indicate what interest you are willing to pay. As a result, a loan for the self-employed is often cheaper than at a regular bank.

After registration, the customer will receive all documents by post. These can then simply be sent back signed. The provider carries out a credit query to determine the corresponding credit score. This is then also visible to potential donors. Otherwise everything is completely anonymous. Registration takes place using a corresponding pseudonym.

After the documents have been successfully checked, the loan request is immediately put online and is therefore visible to potential donors. They can then make money available for the corresponding project. As soon as enough money is collected, We will pay the borrower directly. Monthly payments are also collected directly from us, so there is no direct contact between the borrower and the lender.

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