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Heart Disease

Obesity is now recognized as a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack.

Being obese can raise your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also lowers HDL or your "good cholesterol", which is linked with lower heart disease and stroke risk, so reducing this, can raise your risk. Being overweight can bring on high blood pressure level and diabetes, which in some people make the other risk factors much worse. The danger for a heart attack is especially high for these people.

Weight loss is needed to improve cardiovascular health and is a high priority of the American Heart Association because approximately thirty-four percent of the population is overweight.

If you are obese and want to lower your risk of a hear attack, you need to get on a personal food plan that takes into account your current eating habits, lifestyle, ethnicity, and culture, energy needs, and diet prescription related to medical treatment, and potential nutrient drug interactions.

As well as making the right choices in your eating habits, you need to do exercise. You should take on an exercise routine that is safe for your current condition and one that fits your physical needs best.

Loosing weight can not only improve your heart health, but it will also improve your out look for the future life. You will not only feel better but you will be able to do the things that you were not able to do when you were fighting the terrible disease of obesity. Improving your emotional health can do a world of good on your heart as well. Lowering your stress levels and feeling better about your self is a main factor in heart health.

The most important message that you could give anyone in the fight against heart disease is that prevention is the main key. Stop obesity before it starts or reduce it in those already overweight. It is important that we eat right, exercise and take care of our bodies. We only get one body so take care of it.


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