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Men and Women: who eats healthier?

Who eats better men or women? It is a complex issue. There are many different reasons behind why men and women both decide to eat better or go on a diet. It all depends on the person and what the reason for healthy eating is.

Women go through their life with cravings and deprive themselves of yummy treats all for the sake of saving their waist. It makes it especially hard when your partner eats whatever he wants and usually never puts on a pound.

Why do men seem to loose weight so easily or for that matter never seem to gain weight? One factor, according to experts is that women have a more emotional relationship with food and are more likely to reach for the chocolate when they are under stress. The incentive behind wanting to go on a diet is affects how well you do on the diet.

Women's genetic makeup and their lifestyle have a lot to do with their power to diet. Women have more fat in their bodies then men. This often around the hips and thighs and is hard to get rid of. Men usually gain their weight in their stomachs. Another reason that women may not be as successful in their dieting and eating healthier is because most of the time women are dieting for their looks.

Women hardly see themselves as attractive if they are overweight. Lack of confidence in themselves is not the best way to feel to achieve a goal of losing weight.

It is hard to determine who actually eats better or loses more weight women or men. Men usually lose weight or eat healthier because they have a medical condition or in order to stay healthy. Men are not usually vain about how much they weigh or worry about how they look in a pair of pants.

In both cases, women and men sometimes need some help in the dieting category. It is easy to have a bad day or feel stressed out and what to indulge in some fast food or sweets. Eating healthy is not the only thing that you need to lose weight and have a successful diet plan. Exercise is just as important and this is necessary in order to keep the weight from coming back.

Both women and men turn to the help of diet pills. Phentermine is a well-known diet pill that with the help of eating right and exercising can keep you on the right track. Phentermine suppresses the feeling of being hungry so that you do not eat as much. You still eat, but in smaller portions and not as often.


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