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Pregnancy and Excessive Weight

It is a known fact that weight gain is unavoidable and an important part of pregnancy. However, excessive weight gain in pregnancy has it drawbacks. All pregnant women are given a lot of advice on eating when they are eating for two, themselves and their unborn baby. They are told about the importance of eating and gaining weight during pregnancy. The truth in the fact is that it is not necessary to just eat and eat for two. The most important part is to eat enough so that there is sufficient amount of nutrients in the body to meet the needs of the growing baby.

Women who gain too much weight during their pregnancy can have complications throughout their pregnancy as well as during childbirth. They may develop high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins, or have aches and pains in the back or legs and in general face a lot of discomfort during their pregnancy. It is also important to watch what you eat when you are pregnant because if the baby is overweight there may have to be a caesarean section during childbirth. An overweight baby generally faces a weight problem later on in their life and can develop many health problems and diseases due to its obesity.

When a woman gains a lot of weight during their pregnancy, they find it difficult to get back to their original weight after childbirth. This causes some women a lot of psychological and emotional stress. Some of these women tend to get very self-conscious of their excess weight and suffer long periods of depression due to their excess weight. In some cases no matter what they try, they just cannot loose the extra weight.

Some women have a tendency to gain weight easily due to poor eating habits. Studies have shown that excessive weight gain in pregnancy may be due to many factors which range from water retention to fat which are a result of a bad and unhealthy diet. This is why it is important to be conscious of the amount of weight gained during pregnancy by opting for healthy and nutritious eating habits.

Eating right and proper exercise during pregnancy is very important for the health of women and their babies. Once the baby is born it is important to maintain a healthy eating routine and install that in the children when they are older.

To loose the extra weight many women turn to exercise and some use diet medications like Phentermine. When exercise and Phentermine are used correctly, it is effective in helping many women loose their baby weight. It is important to talk to your doctor first and Phentermine should not be used when breastfeeding or if women have any health problems.



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