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Your Feelings and Staying Fit

Although eating too much and not exercising enough are the major factors for possible obesity although some underlining physiological problems may be at the root of your crisis. Many behavioral and genetic factors actually fit into the obesity equation.

Your mood and lifestyle has a big impact on how you live your day-to-day life. It also has a big influence on what you eat and how much you each. Many people are mood eaters, which means they eat when they are in a bad mood, when they are up set, when they want to celebrate and any type of mood you can think of is a cause to eat. Your feelings and emotions are controlling what you eat and that tends to be Psychological.

The reverse is also true if you set your mind to losing weight and exercising. After you start to see the results of your hard work you are so encouraged and in the right state of mind that you keep going.

It is proven that many obese individuals have psychological needs that are being fed by their ability to control the amount of food that they are taking in. The same is true for anorexia although the opposite is true for these individuals. Both stems back to an existing psychological problem.

Several people are able to overcome the psychological difficulties by coming to quick insights about their weight difficulties and their readiness to translate these insights into permanent weight loss, although those are the lucky ones in this group. Others find losing weight, a long and agonizing journey with loads of bumps and curves in their road ahead. The outcome at the end of that journey can be one victorious ride once you have accomplished the healthy weight you set out to achieve.

Get into the right frame of mind and set achievable goals for yourself (goals to far out of reach will leave you disappointed. Start off slow and steady (don’t expect to run a marathon the first week) start off with a few minutes of exercise three days a week, slowly increase this pace as you go, and think of yourself as getting healthy, don’t say that your on a diet (diets seem to fail but you can’t fail at getting healthy).

If your physiological need is larger than you can tackle on your own seek some professional help and before you know it you’ll be on the right track to losing weight and leading a healthier life style.



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