Elderly Covid patients urged to receive medical care

Health authorities on Saturday called on elderly Covid patients to receive medical treatment even if they had mild or no symptoms.

The call came as the city recorded 10,426 new coronavirus infections for the day, 204 of which were imported.

Officials said 2,739 patients were being treated in public hospitals, including 16 in intensive care.

Seven other Covid-related deaths have been reported, including a 77-year-old man.

A hospital authority chief director, Lau Ka-hin, said the patient’s daughter told officials her father had only mild symptoms and did not need medical treatment.

The 77-year-old’s condition then worsened and he died two days ago.

Lau noted that some patients were reluctant to receive care, as he again urged older people to seek medical attention if they caught the virus.

“Very often the patient or family member may think that the condition is mild and the patient is fine. In this case, we may refer the patient either to our designated clinic or to the teleconsultation. Even when we made the suggestion, the patient or the family member might not take it, or even if they ask for a consultation, they might not take the oral medications,” he said.

“For patients aged 60 or over with no symptoms or mild symptoms, they should take the Covid-19 drug.”

In response to government pandemic adviser David Hui’s remarks that he expects Covid cases to peak later this month, Albert Au of the Center for Health Protection said the number of infections would remain at a high level for the time being.

“We don’t see the situation peaking yet. We believe there is still an upward trend. As to when it will actually peak, we can’t really say for sure. Of course, we don’t want to see the ‘epidemic to get worse,'” Au said, adding that those who have not been fully vaccinated should not wait for a new Covid vaccine targeting the Omicron variant.

When asked if he had ever been infected, Au said it was not appropriate for him to comment on his personal situation.

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