Vacancies for doctors: Chandigarh administration conducts interviews with 44 doctors from Haryana

The UT administration on Wednesday conducted interviews with 44 doctors from Haryana to fill 30 vacancies for doctors and dental surgeons on deputies in Chandigarh.

In February this year, UT adviser Dharam Pal had asked the Health Secretary to seek new panels of eligible doctors, including senior doctors, doctors and dental surgeons, for the Punjab deputies. and Haryana, as 70 of the total 164 MO seats. in UT were vacant.

Following this, the UT Health Secretary had requested panels from Punjab and Haryana, but following a delay in their response, the officer had written for panels from Central Government and other UTs, while a request had also been sent to the UPSC for recruitment.

In April, the Punjab government sent a panel of 30 MOs (allopathic) and 12 MOs (dental) to the administration of UT. Additionally, one MO from Delhi and two from Himachal Pradesh also applied and showed up for interviews.

Among them, the UT administration has appointed 30 doctors (21 in allopathic category and nine dental surgeons) as deputations from Punjab, one allopathic MO from Delhi and two allopathic MOs from Himachal Pradesh, to meet the lack of staff in the health department.

Finally, in May, the Haryana government also sent a panel of 44 doctors, who appeared for interviews on Wednesday.

A Selection Committee, with the Secretary of Health as Chair, and the Director of Health Services and Director-Principal, GMCH-32, as members, conducted the interviews to ensure that all selections were made. strictly on merit.

“At present, about 30 of the 164 seats in the MO are vacant. To fill these seats, the selection committee conducted interviews, reviewed candidates’ files and had personal interactions to assess their suitability for deputies in Chandigarh. The recommendations were submitted to the UT Advisor for final decision. He will finalize the nominations,” UT Health Secretary Yashpal Garg said.

Notably, the government of Haryana, through a letter last week, had urged the UT administration to maintain the 60:40 ratio between Punjab and Haryana while filling vacancies. of MOs and dental surgeons.