Westfield hires Medical Mutual’s chief health officer as new COO

Property and casualty insurance company Westfield has hired a new operations manager in Kathy Golovan.

As COO of the firm, she replaces Mike Prandi, who retired earlier this year.

Golovan joins the Medina County-based company of Medical Mutual. She held the title of Chief Sanitary Officer as soon as she left there.

“Kathy is a dynamic and highly respected leader. She joins Westfield at a pivotal moment of transformation as the world becomes more digital and data-driven than ever before,” Westfield Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Ed Largent said in a statement. a statement. “As COO, Kathy’s challenging leadership style, penchant for innovation and passion for customer-centric solutions make her the right leader at the right time to join our corporate leadership team and position Westfield for continued success.”

Golovan is also very familiar with Westfield, having previously served not only as a board member of the insurance company, but also as a director of its sister company Westfield Bank.

“Ever since I was a board member of the bank and the insurance company, I have long been intrigued by Westfield,” Golovan said. “Westfield is part of my career history, and I am delighted to be a guarantor of the future of the organization, especially given the trajectory of the business and this leadership role.”

As chief operating officer, Golovan will lead an “increased focus on integration between Westfield’s business strategies and multiple enabling capabilities,” according to the company.

“Technology is a tremendous enabler, but digital advancements alone are not enough. The art is to provide the right balance of intelligent automation to improve efficiency without losing the human touch, that is the true mark of excellence,” added Golovan. “By removing barriers, providing access to resources and championing innovative thinking, I look forward to collaborating with Westfield’s teams as we work together to advance an agile, customer-centric organization.”

Golovan joins Westfield at a time when the company is trying to grow more aggressively, including through acquisitions.

To that end, Westfield has just recently announced the roll-up of Argo Group International Holdings’ Lloyd’s of London Syndicate 1200 in a deal valued at approximately $125 million, which is expected to close in the first half of 2023.

Westfield ranked eighth among private companies in northeast Ohio, according to Crain’s latest list, with total revenue of about $2.1 billion in 2020.